Table of Contents

Title I – City Administration

Chapter 1-1:  Definitions

Chapter 1-2:  Elections and Wards

Chapter 1-3:  City Council and Mayor

Chapter 1-4:  Employees and Officers


Title II – Building And Fire Regulation

Chapter 2-1:     International Building Code

Chapter 2-2:     General Building Regulations

Chapter 2-3:     National Electrical Code and Regulations

Chapter 2-4:     National Plumbing Code and Regulations

Chapter 2-5:     Numbering of Buildings

Chapter 2-6:     Fire Limits

Chapter 2-7:     Fire Regulations


Title III – Health And Sanitation

Chapter 3-1:  Animals

Chapter 3-2:  Garbage

Chapter 3-3:  Nuisances

Chapter 3-4:  Noxious Weeds


Title IV – Commercial Regulation

Chapter 4-1:   Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 4-2:   Local Taxation

Chapter 4-3:   Franchises


Title V – Public Offenses

Chapter 5-1:  Offenses Against The Public Welfare

Chapter 5-2:  Property Offenses


Title VI- Sidewalks and Streets

Chapter 6-1:  Grades and Widths of Streets

Chapter 6-2:  Street Excavations

Chapter 6-3:  Sidewalk Maintenance

Chapter 6-4:  Trees


Title VII – Traffic Regulation

Chapter 7-1:  Operation of Motor Vehicles

Chapter 7-2:  Obstruction of Public Thoroughfares

Chapter 7-3:  Motor Vehicle Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 7-4:  Snowmobiles and Other Vehicles


Title VIII – Utilities Regulation

Chapter 8-1:  Sewer System

Chapter 8-2:  Water System


Title IX – General Code Provisions

Chapter 9-1:  General Code Provisions